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    The highlights of Warsaw

    At Warsaw Tourism Center, you can sign up for the most popular tours that cover the city's key landmarks and sights.

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    Original tours

    We run unique tours of our authorship. On the Polish Language Tour you will have a lot of fun learning the tongue-twisting Polish words, that make our language the most difficult one in the world! Look on the right – after the tour you will be able to pronounce these names!

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    Great value for money

    On our tours, we restrict the size of groups to ensure quality rather than quantity. It allows a direct, personal contact with the guide like on a private tour, for a price a few times smaller. Find out more at “Why us”

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    The best tour guides

    In Warsaw Tourism Center we have carefully selected a small circle of the most outstanding tour guides. Many of our guides are highly ranked on Tripadvisor as the best individual tour guides in Warsaw. Find out more at „Who we are”.


  • 95,00 zł

    Duration: 3 h / Walking

    This guided tour provides a perfect introduction to the city. It explores the main highlights and stories - from Warsaw's very beginning in the Middle Ages, through the centuries when it was the capital of the largest country in Europe, total destruction during the second world war, soviet occupation and communism, to contemporary changes. Distance walked...

    95,00 zł
  • 145,00 zł

    Duration: 5 h / Walking

    The tour explores pre-war Jewish life in Warsaw, the Warsaw ghetto, memorial sites and a fascinating revival of the Warsaw Jewish community today. Distance walked will be about 4 kilometers and it will take 4 hours.

    145,00 zł
  • 110,00 zł

    Duration: 2,5 h / Walking

    The tour starts with a story of a few travelling medieval merchants, goes through centuries when this part of Europe was home to the largest Jewish community in the world, explores distinctive form of life and culture of Polish Jews, their social, economic and political evolution, all the way until extermination during World War Two.But Holocaust isn`t...

    110,00 zł
  • 190,00 zł

    Duration: 3 h / Walking

    Fryderyk Chopin is the greatest piano composer in the world and the most famous Varsovian. Dying in France, he even wished his heart to be buried in Warsaw. He spent the first twenty years of his life in the city and this Warsaw tour will explore places connected with him. In the Chopin Museum, you will also learn about the second part of his life, in...

    190,00 zł
  • 110,00 zł

    Duration: 1,5 h / Walking

    It`s a great tour for those passionate about history and for everybody who wants to take a fascinating journey through Poland`s past. The Royal Castle is the most important historic object in Warsaw. Built in 14th century, enlarged, remodeled, destroyed and reconstructed, it witnessed all the main events that happened in Poland.

    110,00 zł
  • 125,00 zł

    Duration: 3 h / Indoor class + Walking

    If you are a tourist and you decide to come to this country, it is really possible that you will face the cruel reality of not being able to pronounce a single word of our language. American linguist Bobcat Goldthwaite observed that "It seems that Polish has only one phonetic unit to represent all 50 letters of its alphabet. I would describe this as a...

    125,00 zł


We promise we haven`t paid anyone to write good things about us, we just give them good vodka

Warsaw Tourism Center is a simple on-line platform to book tours and attractions in Warsaw. All of our available Warsaw tours were designed personally by us.We are a small group of Warsaw tourist guides. Working in Poland and abroad, we have learned the kind of experience visitors are looking for and how to deliver it. We’ve seen what works elsewhere, and what was missing in Warsaw – namely the lack of available group tours offered at an affordable price. This is why we created the Warsaw Tourism Center. We have assembled the best Warsaw guides with knowledge, personality and trustworthiness – who are excited to offer you the most thorough and unique touring experience. What to expect:

  • - informative Warsaw tour at an affordable price
  • - Small group experience. We restrict the size of our groups to ensure quality rather than quantity
  • - experienced tour guide of Warsaw
  • - we not only sell tours, we design them

Travelers ourselves, we pride ourselves on implementing the best elements from our own experiences abroad. So our Warsaw tours are designed for travelers by travelers.