CHRZĄSZCZ! Polish Language Tour

Yes, "chrząszcz" really is a word! Yes, it is even possible to read it! Do you want to learn how? Come and join our unique tour.

Duration: 3 hours
Type: Indoor class + Walking
Quality: In a small group
Day/hour: Wednesday at 15:30
Meeting point: Smolna 40

125,00 zł per person


    If you are a tourist and you decide to come to this country, it is really possible that you will face the cruel reality of not being able to pronounce a single word of our language. American linguist Bobcat Goldthwaite observed that "It seems that Polish has only one phonetic unit to represent all 50 letters of its alphabet. I would describe this as a sound made by a caribou being devoured by a lion in a dry bush."
    According to many studies, Polish is one of the most difficult languages. The US Foreign Service Institute has a system for ranking languages according to the amount of time English native speakers need to become ‘proficient’, and classifies Polish as the hardest in Europe.

    Highlights of the tour

    Alphabet and pronunciation:
    It`s Latin, but there are many letters you won’t find in any other alphabet: ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż. But that`s the easiest part, because next come the digraphs: ch, cz, dz, dź, dż, rz, sz… and then trigrpahs…
    These are the "rustling" letters that keep foreigners awake at night, but in Poland we have clearly weakness for them. In 2010 Poles voted for the most beautiful Polish word. The ranking was won by... ŹDŹBŁO. Other words taken into account were: SZEPT, BRZDĘK, SZELEŚCIĆ
    We love consonants:
    The most troublesome feature of Polish orthography is what linguists call complex consonant clusters - series of consonants without any vowels. They occur in many languages, But while English usually draws the line at three consonants, Polish sometimes joins as many as five consonants. It is a phenomenon called the Polish syllable structure, which is allegedly surpassed only by Georgian in terms of complexity. Try to pronounce: BEZWZGLĘDNY, PSZCZOŁA, STRZĘP, WSZCZĄĆ.
    Every verb can have 25 different forms as they conjugate for gender, person, mood and time. Each noun, pronoun and adjective can appear in one of seven cases. There are twenty- two ways to say „two”. But once you manage to learn the rules… remember that in Polish grammar there are even more exceptions to them. It isn`t a joke…

    What to expect

    „CHRZĄSZCZ - The Polish Lanuage Tour” combines learning with fun. It is divided into two parts: 

    Indoor class
    A local teacher will introduce to you the Polish language in fun way. Yo will learn:

    • the roots of our unique language
    • pronunciation, so after the tour you will be able to read Polish!
    • useful words and phrases that will help you i.e. order in restaurants
    • complexity of Polish grammar
    • numbers

    Outdoor activities
    We will go on the streets where you can pratice your new skills by talking to people, looking for information and doing different tasks etc.
    The latter part is a bit of a challenge. If you meet it, we have some prizes for you! 

    What does your booking include?

    • Indoor class and outdoor activities with a Polish teacher
    • Materials for the class
    • Materials you can later take with you
    • Souvenir :-)

    Meeting point

    40 Smolna street, square vis-a-vis the palm tree