Jewish Warsaw and Ghetto Walking Tour

Walk across the area of the Warsaw ghetto and discover remnants of the Jewish world. But first, we will share an authentic, Israeli breakfast to get to know each other!

Duration: 5 hours
Type: Walking
Quality: In a small group
Day/hour: Every Thursday at 8:30 am
Meeting point: Shipudei Berek, 24 Jasna street

145,00 zł per person


    The tour explores pre-war Jewish life in Warsaw, the Warsaw ghetto, memorial sites and a fascinating revival of the Warsaw Jewish community today. Distance walked will be about 4 kilometers and it will take 4 hours.

    Jewish Warsaw and Ghetto Walking Tour - What to expect

    We will start our day with authentic, Israeli breakfast in the heart of Warsaw. Berek is probably the best Israeli restaurant in the city, succesfully reproducing the original flavors of Tel Aviv culinary culture. They serve authentic shakshuka (green shakshuka is our favorite!) with freshly baked homemade pita. They prepare their own humus and use only seasonal vegetables. There are lots of options also for vegetarian and vege folks. Be Te`Avon! Smacznego! Bon Apetit!

    This is not just another Warsaw ghetto tour, neither a tour of Jewish history - it`s also about nowadays. So after breakfast, our walk will start in a place of Jewish life – before the war and today.

    The guide will bring alive the time when Warsaw was home to the largest Jewish community in the world after New York and a world center of yiddish culture. When chassids lived together with socialists, Esperanto was created and Isaac Bashevis Singer, future Nobel Prize winner, wrote his first novels.
    Next, you will learn the story of the Warsaw ghetto, where half a milion Jews were imprisoned. It`s a powerful story of starvation and death, but also of a thriving culture, fashion and love. You will be walking through the fighting area of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943 – the very first act of armed resistance against the Nazis in occupied Europe – to the former deportation point, where railcars went off to death camps.
    But Holocaust isn`t the end. You will visit one of the city`s synagogues and meet a member of the Warsaw Jewish community to learn about Jewish life today. You will have a unique chance to discuss and ask questions - what is going on here, what does it mean to be a Jew in Poland after Holocaust, is there anti-semitism?

    On the tour you will see i.e.:

    • Prozna, the only surviving Jewish street
    • the Nozyk Synagogue
    • the house of the Jewish commune
    • parts of the ghetto wall
    • Jewish children`s hospital
    • Chlodna footbridge memorial
    • Muranow, the housing project built on the rubble of the ghetto
    • Monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes
    • Miła 18 – memorial of the bunker which served as the headquarters of the Ghetto Uprising commandership
    • Umschlagplatz monument at the former deportation place
    • Architecture of the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews

    The Jewish Warsaw tour finishes at 1:30 pm at the Polin Museum. It was awarded the European Museum of the Year in 2016. The guide will explain its breathtaking architecture.
    You can stay there for lunch, they have a very good restaurant and cafeteria. After the lunch, you can join our guided tour in the Polin Museum at 3 pm.

    Guided by

    The tour is led by one of our professional Warsaw tour guides. We are a circle of friends, very approachable and friendly. We always provide a personal touch and experience too! The guide will bring history and people alive by using photo materials and quotes. You will go off the main routes, to look for the remnants of the Jewish world in shady courtyards and quiet neighborhoods. We will show you Warsaw from a very different perspective. We look forward to seeing you on the walk!

    What does your booking include?

    • Breakfast
    • Four-hour guided tour in English led by professional Warsaw tour guides
    • Wireless tour guide system designed to aid communication between participants and the guide

    Meeting point

    Shipudei Berek, 24 Jasna street

    Important Information

    Times: From April to October, Thursday at 8:30 am.
    Language: English
    Length: 5 hours

    Please note that the Nozyk synagogue is closed on Jewish holidays. Sometimes it may be closed due to upredictable circumstances on the day of the tour. Although we`re going inside almost every time, we cannot guarantee entrance to the synagogue on each tour.  

    Our tour runs regardless of weather conditions – rain, hail or shine! What happens if it rains? We get wet. If it’s torrential, then we can duck into somewhere, but basically - bring an umbrella!

    Tours are guaranteed. Please arrive 10 minutes before the tour commences.

    Places are limited, reservation is required.

    We guarantee to run only small groups with a maximum of 15. We like talking to and with people rather than at them. I think that from your point of view, it’s also a much better and more enjoyable, intimate experience. See you on the tour!

    Cancellation Policy

    If you cancel at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled departure, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within 72 hours of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

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