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    The highlights of Warsaw

    At Warsaw Tourism Center, you can sign up for the most popular tours that cover the city's key landmarks and sights.

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    Original tours

    We run unique tours of our authorship. On the Polish Language Tour you will have a lot of fun learning the tongue-twisting Polish words, that make our language the most difficult one in the world! Look on the right – after the tour you will be able to pronounce these names!

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    Great value for money

    On our tours, we restrict the size of groups to ensure quality rather than quantity. It allows a direct, personal contact with the guide like on a private tour, for a price a few times smaller. Find out more at “Why us”

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    The best tour guides

    In Warsaw Tourism Center we have carefully selected a small circle of the most outstanding tour guides. Many of our guides are highly ranked on Tripadvisor as the best individual tour guides in Warsaw. Find out more at „Who we are”.


Today, all church bells in Warsaw will ring at noon as a tribute to Warsaw Jews who on April 19, 1943 started the uprising in the ghetto – the very first act of armed resistance against the Nazis in occupied Europe.
Have you ever heard of Anne Frank`s diary? No need to answer… and now imagine dozens of Anne Frank`s diaries and you don`t even know of their existence. Now you will.
This month, the 1569 Act of the Union of Lublin was inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. It is deposited in Warsaw – there is no other city with more documents recognized as world heritage!
When the world goes green, Warsaw is a perfect place to be. Almost ¼ of its area is comprised of fields, parks, green squares and lush gardens, making Warsaw an extremely green city when compared with other metropolis.
The UNESCO International Mother Language Day is celebrated on 21 February worldwide (every year since 2000) to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.
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