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    The highlights of Warsaw

    At Warsaw Tourism Center, you can sign up for the most popular tours that cover the city's key landmarks and sights.

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    We run unique tours of our authorship. On the Polish Language Tour you will have a lot of fun learning the tongue-twisting Polish words, that make our language the most difficult one in the world! Look on the right – after the tour you will be able to pronounce these names!

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    On our tours, we restrict the size of groups to ensure quality rather than quantity. It allows a direct, personal contact with the guide like on a private tour, for a price a few times smaller. Find out more at “Why us”

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    In Warsaw Tourism Center we have carefully selected a small circle of the most outstanding tour guides. Many of our guides are highly ranked on Tripadvisor as the best individual tour guides in Warsaw. Find out more at „Who we are”.


In 1939 Warsaw was home for the second largest Jewish community after New York. Every third Varsovian was Jewish and the city was a world center of Yiddish culture. During World War II the Nazis established here the largest ghetto in occupied Europe, closing almost half a milion people behind a wall. To look for the remnants of that world, you need to go off the main routes, sneak into shady courtyards and quiet neighborhoods. You will experience
The magazine “National Geographic” distinguished Warsaw for the most beautiful city beaches in the world. In the ranking Warsaw was listed together with beaches in Cape Town, Paris, Sydney, Vancouver and Brighton. According to „The Guardian”, Warsaw is also among 10 European cities with best riversides and urban beaches. Visiting Warsaw, you cannot miss this true heart of the city and a nightlife paradise.
Łazienki Royal Park is a former summer resort of the Polish last king, Stanisław August Poniatowski. For us, it`s like Versailles for the French, Sans-souci for the Germans or Schoenbrunn in Vienna. It`s for sure the most pleasant site in Warsaw and the city`s biggest park. Because of its location in the very heart of the city, it`s also the most popular walking area for the Varsovians.
Located on the eastern bank of the Vistula River, the Praga district was the least destroyed by enemy activity in World War II. Consequently, the area has cultivated its own culture, spirit, dialect (lingo), the style of being, isolated by the river. It`s the most shady side of Warsaw.
Wilanów Park and Palace complex is another former summer royal resort, situated in southern Warsaw. Here you can admire the most beautifully ornated and colourful palace in Warsaw, considered a jewell of Polish baroque architecture.
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