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    The highlights of Warsaw

    At Warsaw Tourism Center, you can sign up for the most popular tours that cover the city's key landmarks and sights.

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    Original tours

    We run unique tours of our authorship. On the Polish Language Tour you will have a lot of fun learning the tongue-twisting Polish words, that make our language the most difficult one in the world! Look on the right – after the tour you will be able to pronounce these names!

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    Great value for money

    On our tours, we restrict the size of groups to ensure quality rather than quantity. It allows a direct, personal contact with the guide like on a private tour, for a price a few times smaller. Find out more at “Why us”

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    The best tour guides

    In Warsaw Tourism Center we have carefully selected a small circle of the most outstanding tour guides. Many of our guides are highly ranked on Tripadvisor as the best individual tour guides in Warsaw. Find out more at „Who we are”.


Since around 2010 the number of tourists in Warsaw has skyrocketed. To be honest, it took us all by surprise. Some attractions could be still hard to find, some information poorly delivered. Please, be understanding - this city is still learning how to host huge number of visitors. Here we have put together our own Top-10 list of the most important sites and things to do and see in Warsaw.
The Christmas-lights system in Warsaw is the biggest in Poland and one of the biggest as well as most impressive in Europe. If it were a single light chain, it would be 680-km long.
Warsaw is the most attractive city in Central and Eastern Europe and Western Asia in business, financial service and natural science – according to the report prepared by Ernst & Young, Oxford Economics and Conway on world’s most competitive cities.
Happy Cow, a website for vegan travelers, compiled a list of the top 10 most vegan-friendly cities worldwide. This list is determined by three factors: the total number of vegan restaurants/businesses in the city, the population density to vegan restaurant ratio
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